Hardship relief

Under the Local Government Finance Act 1988, we have a discretionary power, in exceptional circumstances, to award up to 100% rate relief to businesses that are experiencing hardship.

To award hardship relief, we have to be satisfied that:

  • the ratepayer will suffer hardship if relief is not granted
  • any hardship being experienced is not a normal business risk or within the ratepayer’s control
  • there is a direct benefit to the ratepayer, or the community, and there is no adverse impact to other ratepayers or the community as a result of awarding the relief.

Apply for hardship relief

If your business is struggling, you can apply for hardship relief using our online form.

If you need to provide supporting evidence, please use our evidence upload form

All applications will be assessed on their own merit.

Disputing our decision

You can ask us to reconsider our decision if we don’t award you a relief or exemption. You can do this by completing our dispute form within 28 days of receiving our decision.

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