How we calculate business rates

We work out how much your business rates are by multiplying the ‘rateable value’ of your property (set by the Valuation Office Agency  [VOA]) by one of the following multipliers, (set by central government every year):

  •         standard non-domestic rating multiplier (49.7p or 0.497 for 2016/17)
  •         small business non-domestic rating multiplier (48.4p or 0.484 for 2016/17)

Rating multiplier

The multiplier indicates the percentage, or pence in the pound, of the rateable value you’ll pay in business rates. It usually changes each year in line with inflation.

VOA publishes a list of the current and previous multipliers online

The multiplier used to calculate your business rates charge is shown on your rate demand notice.

Rateable value

All businesses have a rateable value that broadly represents the annual rent the property would let for if it was being offered on the open market.

You can check the rateable value of your business, compare it against other properties to see what they’re being charged, or appeal against it on Gov.UK website.

The VOA maintains a local rating list for all properties in Barnsley and may alter property values if changes are made to the property, for instance if it’s extended or part of it’s demolished.

Rateable values are reviewed by law every five years and are adjusted to reflect the rental market at the time of the review. The last revaluation was in 2010. The one that should have taken place from 1 April 2015 won’t take place until 1 April  2017 at the earliest.

At revaluation, multipliers are revised so that the overall national business rates bill only changes in line with inflation. This means that a change in your rateable value doesn’t always mean a corresponding change in your bill.  In some instances, your bill can actually go down.

Transitional arrangements

In some cases, the rateable value of a business property can change significantly between the five-yearly revaluations, so we operate a transition relief scheme to reduce the impact of these change, whether the rateable value goes up or down.

Any transition relief is automatically calculated on your bill. For more information about transitional arrangements, please contact us.