FOI requests for business rates

These reports comply with the Freedom of Information Act and provide data about business rates.

You can find out how to make a Freedom of Information request about a different service here. 

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, members of the public can ask us for certain information about business rates.

As most of the requests we receive are for the same information, we publish a standard set of data reports, which are updated annually and which give information about all properties that:

  • are registered for business rates in Barnsley
  • receive small business rate relief
  • receive mandatory relief
  • receive charitable relief
  • are empty
  • have accounts in credit

Asking for information

If you ask us for information that’s contained in any of the above reports, we’ll refer you to our published reports.

We update the reports regularly, so If the information you want isn’t showing the first time you look, please check it again at a later date.

If the information you want  isn’t covered in any of our reports, you can fill in a form to request it, but there may be a charge for this. We’ll write to you if this is the case.

Complying with the Freedom of Information Act

Any information we supply will not contain personal details about any customer, unless that customer is a Limited Company (as information about a Limited Company is public record).

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Re-using information on this page

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