Information for adopted children

If you’ve been adopted and there’s something you don’t understand, talk to someone in the adoption team. 

Why some children are adopted

All children should grow up knowing that they’re safe and loved. Usually this happens when you live with your mum and dad.

Sometimes, children aren’t safe or happy living with their own family, so we have to look for them a new family.

Being adopted means you’ll grow up in a new family where you’re safe, loved and looked after. You’ll be part of that family for the rest of your life.

Who finds children new families?

People who find new families for children work in adoption teams.

In Barnsley, we have seven social workers who find children new families and another who helps children who’ve already been adopted.

You can tell social workers what you think and feel about adoption.

They also help mums and dads, and new families who adopt children.

Finding the right family

If you’re being adopted, we have to make sure we find the right family to look after you as you grow up. This is called matching.

It’s when social workers from the adoption team visit families who want to adopt a child. This helps them decide which family is best for you.

The social worker will write all this information down and keep it in a file about you.

Moving to your new family

When we’ve found you a new family, we’ll tell them everything about you and your own family, which we call your birth family.

This is so that as you’re growing up, they can talk to you about your past.

The adoption team keeps any letters or reports about you in your file so that when you’re 18, you can ask to look at them.

Once you’ve lived with your new family for a while, they can apply to the court for an Adoption Order.

This means you and your new family will go to court for you to be officially adopted.

Keeping in touch with your birth family and friends

Your social worker may arrange for you to keep in touch with your birth family.

You may be allowed to write or meet up with them. This will be agreed with your new family.

Helping you after adoption

If you or your new mum and dad want some help or someone to talk to, you can ask to see one of the adoption team, even if it’s a long time after you’ve been adopted.

If you don’t want to talk to a social worker, you can talk to someone from Coram Adoption. They help any child or young person who has been adopted.