Support for adoptive parents

When you adopt in Barnsley, we’ll give you lots of support. We’ll help you through the adoption process itself and be there to offer advice, guidance and practical support even after you’ve legally adopted a child.

These are just some of the things we offer:

  • a specialist worker in the adoption team – they work with individuals and families to make sure they have access to health, education and any other services they need.
  • regular support groups for adoptive parents – these take place in the day or evening and are run by experienced adoption workers, so you’ll have chance to talk to them about your experiences or to other adoptive parents. These groups include a specialist group for parents of children with attachment difficulties.
  • a parent and toddler group for new families with children under school age.
  • an activity group for young people who’ve been adopted.
  • family social events exclusively for adoptive families.
  • adoption passport – a support guide for adopters
  • a newsletter to help Barnsley’s adopters stay in touch.
  • a Letterbox co-ordinator to facilitate and support indirect contact between adoptive and birth families.
  • specialist services in adoption support, through an agreement with the independent charity, Coram Adoption. They work with anyone involved in adoption, offering counselling, advice, tracing and intermediary services.

National adoption charities and support groups

As well as the support we provide, these national organisations and charities also support people who have chosen to adopt.

Did you know that adoptive parents are entitled to paid adoption leave?

Many adopters are entitled to adoption leave and pay when their child is placed with them. The law is changing to make this entitlement more similar to maternity and paternity leave pay and it will include the right to take time off when you’re meeting your child, before they move in with you. You’ll find more about adoption pay/leave on the Gov.UK website.

Support for adopted children in schools

Did you know that schools are asked to give all children adopted from care priority access to schools, which means that your child should be able to attend whichever school you think best meets their needs?  Read more about it in the Department for Education's school admissions code 2014.

Adopted children will also attract the Pupil Premium – an additional £1,900 for state-funded schools to help meet their needs. You’ll need to let the school know that your child is adopted so that the school can claim the pupil premium.