The adoption panel

The panel is made up of a wide mix of people, including adoptive parents, adults who themselves have been adopted, someone from the council, professionals from children’s services, health and legal teams, as well as members of the local public who isn't involved in the adoption process.

Members of the panel meet to consider your assessment report and decide whether you’re a suitable adopter.

The adoption team will invite you to attend the panel meeting at which your assessment is being considered.

Panel members will want to ask you some questions.

Your assessing social worker will be at the panel and will take part in the discussions.

After the meeting, the panel will let you know what their decision is.

A week later, the Agency Decision Maker, after taking into account all the reports and the minutes of the panel meeting, will make the final decision and tell you on the same day whether or not you’ve been approved to adopt.

The panel will write to you within a week to confirm their decision.

The Assistant Executive Director for Children’s Services is the council’s Agency Decision Maker.