Training and preparation for adoption

Right from your first contact with us, we’ll be preparing you to adopt.

We’ll make sure you have all the information you need to help you make decisions at each stage of the process.

In addition to the information, preparation and training we provide for all our enquirers or applicants, we’ll talk to you at each stage of the adoption process to identify your personal training needs.

This will help us to give you the right support as you develop your experience and skills with children.

What we provide

  • Information evenings for new enquirers
  • A reading list – including books, articles and websites
  • E-learning courses in stage 1
  • Four day ‘preparation to adopt’ course for all adopters in stage 2
  • Suggested ways of developing experience and skills, for example spending time in a children’s centre, volunteering with children’s groups, or specific experience with children with additional needs.

Preparation to adopt course

This course will help you to understand the experiences of children who come into care and the reasons for them being placed for adoption. We’ll help you to understand the children’s needs and how to help and support them as they grow up in an adoptive family.

The course covers:

  • legal issues
  • child development, attachment and loss
  • valuing difference
  • positive parenting
  • overcoming the effects of neglect and abuse
  • identity and contact
  • post adoption support
  • There is also a short refresher course to update people adopting for a second time

We also run a short refresher course to update people adopting for a second time.