What is adoption?

If you're thinking about adoption come along to one of our adoption information evenings to find out all you need to know.

  • Adoption is the legal process of finding new families for children whose birth parents can no longer care for them.
  • Adoption gives children the long-term security that family life can offer.
  • Adoption gives adoptive parents parental responsibility for the children they’re adopting.
  • Adoption allows the child you’re adopting to live with you permanently; you then become responsible for bringing them up.  One you’ve legally adopted the child, all future contact with their birth family has to be agreed in advance.

The best thing of all about adopting is seeing the difference you make to a child’s life.  Compared to children who remain in care, children who’re adopted tend to make much better progress in life as they grow up.

Who needs adopting?

Children who need adopting are all very different; many are school age; some are brothers and sisters who need placing together; some have different ethnic and religious backgrounds; some may have a disability, special needs or challenging behaviour; some may even have been neglected or abused.

What they all have in common is the experience of upheaval and uncertainty in their lives and the desire to be loved by a new family.