Barnsley Early Start and Family Services

Marketing your business

Childcare businesses must market their business well to make sure that as many places as possible are filled. You'll need to start by choosing a business name, logo and colour scheme.

You'll also need to think about your unique selling point (USP) - what you offer that others don't. You'll need to promote your USP to your potential customers to make the service you're providing the most attractive.


Most childcare businesses use traditional methods to promote their business. These include word of mouth, newsletters, advertising, leaflets and open days. Using the internet and social media should not be missed as this can reach more people.

Your business needs to be:

  • visible - your customers need to know you exist
  • understood - be clear about what you do
  • attractive - inviting for everyone who visits
  • relevant - targeted at the right audience
  • friendly - all of the workforce should be welcoming
  • modern - up to date with changes in childcare and staying fresh


You should always look at how many enquiries you receive that go on to become your customers. For those who don't, it's worth thinking about why they didn't.

We can provide support and guidance, including the Quality Improvement Programme, that helps settings do this.

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