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Meeting a child's needs

A child’s individual needs and the training needed for staff should be identified before the child attends the setting. Training should be updated annually, or in line with the child’s changing needs.

We provide a range of training opportunities to develop confidence and good practice around inclusion. These can be accessed through POD - our Personal Online Development system that all settings have access to.

Training for the administration of medicines

The Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework  states training must be provided for staff where the administration of medicine requires medical or technical knowledge. This training must be undertaken before the child attends the setting.

Any training undertaken for a child is specific to that child; if another child with the same condition or medication requirements starts to attend, separate training must be undertaken by staff for that child. For example, if staff have completed training to administer an EpiPen for a child and then a second child requiring an EpiPen begins to attend, staff must undertake training again for the second child.

EpiPen training can be completed online free of charge. The training takes about 45 minutes. Complete anaphylaxis training on the AllergyWise website.

You can find additional videos of how to inject on the websites of the relevant pen being used:

Free training regarding asthma can also be completed online in about 45 minutes. Complete asthma training on the Education for Health website.

The Children’s Community Nursing team can arrange training for staff by calling (01226) 432519.

If a child that's already attending the setting is identified as needing extra support, specialist equipment or medication administered, training should be sought via the healthcare professionals involved with the child. The child’s attendance at the setting will have to temporarily postponed until the appropriate training has been undertaken.

SENCo training

Training is essential for the SENCo within the setting, and to enable them to identify the training needs of other staff.

Find out more about the role of the SENCo and how to access training.

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