Barnsley Early Start and Family Services

Importance of transitions

When moving to another setting or school, or different room in a large setting, all children will benefit from a smooth transition which helps them feel safe and secure. Transitions can cause anxiety for both children and parents, and it's important to involve parents when planning transitions.

Research has shown that a child benefits from a smooth transition. An effective plan is more likely to stimulate their development and impact positively on their academic progress. A poorly planned transition is more likely to result in academic progression stalling, or in some cases prior learning may need to be reinforced. Therefore planning for transitions is vital.

Successful transitions

Successful transitions start with parents, carers and all involved professionals meeting at least a term in advance of any move to effectively plan support for the child. A lead professional should be identified and agreed, and an action plan made with clear success criteria. The plan will need to include any training required for the setting the child is going to, which could be whole-setting or child-specific.

A plan for the sharing of relevant paperwork including progress records, health information, risk assessments and any other key documents will be needed. There should be a carefully planned number of visits for the child to the new room or setting, based on their needs. It's important to make sure the child’s strengths as well as needs are considered, and any social groupings are taken into account.

Barnsley Education Inclusion Service has specialist practitioners who can help and support the transition process. They provide training, advice, support and guidance to all Early Years providers, schools and academies in Barnsley in order to help with the removal or barriers to learning.

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