Care Leavers

Our offer

Our local offer tells you the support we can offer care leavers. It sets out what can be expected in Barnsley, as well as information about the help and support that we, and our partners, will provide to you as a care leaver.

Our local offer has been developed by speaking to care leavers in Barnsley.

We review it each year and measure it's success against what people tell us about their direct experience of services.

Please let us know if there are any questions regarding the Local Offer or areas in which the Offer can be improved  Please send your comments directly through the contact us online portal within the Local Offer or by discussing with your Personal Advisor.

The Care Leaver Covenant

The Care Leaver Covenant is a promise made by public, private or voluntary organisations to provide support for care leavers aged 16-25 to help them live independently.

For more information please discuss this with your Personal Advisor and/or visit the Care Leaver Covenant website.

There's also a Care Leaver Covenant app that you can download, which gives up to date information on the following areas:

  • Learning
  • Jobs
  • Health
  • Experiences
  • Money
  • Housing

It's a useful source of information and support and is regularly updated with new information. 

The Empathy Summit

The Empathy Summit (hosted by Sue Perkins) helped to bring alive how the Covenant can assist and support you. It was first broadcast at 5pm on 29 October 2020 and can now be viewed online.

For more information

Call (01226) 772626 or

Your personal adviser

You're entitled to a personal adviser who is there to help you prepare for independent living and offer support with your next steps.

Your right to be involved

You have the right to be involved in all decisions made about you. We also want to support you to be an active member of society.

Access to your files

You have a right to see all of the information we record about you and this access can be requested at any time.

Health and wellbeing

We can support you to stay healthy, offer advice and provide access to the resources you need.

Support with your accommodation

Support is available to help you find suitable accommodation and to live independently over the age of 18.

Education, employment and training

Find out about the range of support available to help you to achieve your career aims and aspirations.

Financial support

Your pathway plan will outline the financial support you will receive and when your payments will occur.

Stable relationships

Forming stable relationships is important to us and we will try and ensure you have the same personal adviser.

Care leavers hub

Barnsley's care leavers hub allows you to easily access any advice, guidance and support you need.

Access our care leavers hub

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