Our local offer for care leavers

Education, employment and training

We believe that you can, with support can achieve your full potential, dreams and ambitions. We will ensure that you have the highest levels of support and assistance to achieve your goals in life.

You will be supported by your Personal Advisor, who will be ready to proudly celebrate your achievements with you.

We will offer you:

Careers information and advice

Careers information and advice is available from our Targeted Information, Advice and Guidance (TIAG) Service. Information and advice includes things such as help to develop your CV, advice about job interviews, including what you might wear.

Targeted Information Advice and Guidance (TIAG) Worker

Every young person will have a personal Targeted Information, Advice and Guidance (TIAG) adviser.

Your TIAG adviser will be able to:

  • explain all the education and training courses available and guide you to find the right one
  • help to find work experience
  • help you get support to help you look for a job
  • help you to find job vacancies locally
  • help you chose from the range of apprenticeships available and support your application for it.

TIAG hold a monthly drop in session at the Hub located at 18 Regent Street, find out more about the Care Leavers Hub

Additional support

We ca support you to:

  • purchase a travel card for travelling to training, school/college, apprenticeships or interviews
  • support to buy tools, equipment, essential clothing and books
  • support to join your local library

Barnsley's I Know I Can

Barnsley’s I Know I Can (IKIC) is a our project to build confidence; create dreams and aspirations; raising qualification levels; strengthening life skills using help and support; taking ownership to develop a real ‘I Know I Can’ attitude.

IKIC's Pathways to Success is a menu of opportunities for young people to develop their employability & transferable skills. This includes engagement/employability programmes, traineeships, apprenticeships and graduate/undergraduate opportunities (including care leavers and young people
with SEND to 25 years). Find out more about I Know I Can.

I Know I Can provide a variety of options available to young people aged 16 – 19.

This includes:

  • mainstream providers
  • further education colleges and schools
  • special schools
  • independent specialist providers– day and residential placements
  • employment with training/apprenticeship's

Curriculum Map

A Curriculum Map enables young people to find suitable Provision in Barnsley and identify steps they need to take to achieve their goals.


You can also get the change to attend and help organise celebration events when young people achieve education, training and employment milestones.

To have opportunity of a ring fenced corporate apprenticeship which means you would start to train for a job with BMBC the ‘family business’ and be better prepared for further training or employment.

Support to go to University

We will support you if you choose to go to University, such as helping you obtain tuition fees and maintenance loans, travel costs at the start and end of term, and making sure you have somewhere to live during the holidays.

You will be supported by your Personal Advisor with choosing the right course and University that matches your talents and interests.

In Barnsley we will ensure that if you are in higher education you will have:

  • Your accommodation costs paid directly to your hall of residence or other suitable accommodation on a termly basis by direct payment to the accommodation.

  • Assistance in purchasing any equipment required for your course by accessing any funding for your course and ensuring any deficit is paid by Future Directions.

  • Any travel costs associated with contact with family/former carers are assessed and paid directly to you or reimbursed to you.

  • We will provide you with somewhere for you to stay during University or Higher Education holidays (or funding for this if you would prefer to make your own arrangements).

  • Support you when you are choosing to go to University, such as helping you obtain tuition fees and maintenance loans, travel costs at the start and end of term.

  • We will pay all costs associated with visits to University and ensure that any university loans are explained and applied for promptly. If your loan is not available at the start of your course, we will ensure that your fees are paid and that you have an allowance pending the receipt of the loan.

  • We will help you choose the right course and University that matches your talents and interests.

  • A bursary of £2,000 over the cost of the course to help with the cost of books and materials. This is paid annually at the start of each semester. Care leavers are priority for the 16 to 19 Bursary Fund administered by Further Education colleges, which pays a bursary of up to £1,200 a year.

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