Work experience opportunities

We want all young people in Barnsley to aspire high and achieve their full potential and we know that work experience is an important factor in doing these. 

We’ve been working with Barnsley’s employers to find out what skills they look for and what work experience and preparation opportunities they can offer to help you develop those skills and help you prepare for the world of work.

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The Employer Promise

To help you develop the top 10 skills, we asked employers what work experience and preparation opportunities they could offer. We call this the Employer Promise; find out more on the More and Better Jobs website.

The Employer Promise is a flexible menu of activities businesses can sign up to, to help you get an understanding of the world of work and to help you develop the competencies they are looking for. 

We are also working with local companies on a range of different actions and programmes for young people and encouraging other businesses to copy the Council’s model of apprenticeships for Care Leavers. 

To help you get ready for work

  • tasters in different companies
  • work experience opportunities
  • working with schools and colleges to promote the opportunities in their industry.

To help you get into work

  • help and advice for applications, CVs and interviews
  • apprenticeships
  • developing supported routes into jobs in their organisation.

To help you get on (and stay in) work

  • introducing ways to improve the health and wellbeing of their staff
  • giving opportunities to learn new skills
  • adopting working practices that support a diverse workforce

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The top 10 skills

Barnsley's employers identified the top 10 skills they look for when they are employing new people:

  • Team working
  • Motivation/initiative
  • Digital skills
  • Numeracy/literacy
  • Reliability
  • Follow instructions
  • Flexibility
  • Resilience
  • Presentation
  • Understanding

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