Our local offer for care leavers

You financial support

The financial support you receive will be set out in your Pathway Plan which should be developed with you. It will set out the areas of support, amounts to be paid and how often you will receive payments.

Payments for 16 to 18 years

You should have a bank account by the time you are 16 (unless you are a newly arrived asylum seeker). Payment of all allowances and grants will go into your bank account unless there is a reason why you are not able to manage your own money.

Just before your 18th Birthday you will be expected to submit a claim for benefits. Your personal adviser will discuss and plan this with you as part of your pathway plan and provide support with the application process.

You will be supported to manage your income so your everyday needs such as food, travel, toiletries and any contribution to service charges, utility bills and rent are met.

Payments for 22 to 25 Years

Your personal adviser can support you to access any benefits you are entitled to claim.

You will be supported by your personal adviser with budgeting. We will try to help you financially, including:

  • Payment of £57.90 per week, or the equivalent of benefit, if you are 16-18 years living in semi-supported accommodation and unable to access benefits.

  • Once you have made your universal credit application by your 18th birthday; should there be a delay in the payment of this benefit, you will have the opportunity to apply for an advance payment. If this is delayed you may receive a personal allowance of £57.90 for up to 3 weeks.

  • If you receive a sanction in relation to your universal credits which is beyond your control, you will receive a personal allowance of £57.90 for up to 4 weeks, a further assessment will need to take place should your benefits not be in place.

  • If you receive a Sanction due to you not having complied with benefit requirements, only emergency support will be considered at a reduced rate. Please contact your Personal Adviser to seek guidance and  assistance.

  • Provide a leaving care setting up home allowance to help you buy essential things when moving into your own home to a value of £2,000. Your personal adviser will help get you the best deals on carpets, white goods and other essential household items.

  • Giving you exemptions on paying Council Tax up to the age of 25.

  • Providing or telling you about relevant money management courses, this will be in partnership with the  Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), Citizen’s Advice Bureau and outreach tenancy support services. A monthly drop in advice session at the Hub will be provided.

Additional financial support

  • Your personal adviser and TIAG worker will support you to get a job.

  • Support to purchase a Travel Card. Usually travel passes are available from your further education/training provider. If not or if you are having difficulty getting to your training or appointments, talk to your Personal Adviser who will undertake an entitlement assessment.

  • Offer information on how to access your junior ISA or child trust fund. A letter will be given to you after your 18th Birthday by your personal adviser who will support you to access this fund and transfer the  money to your own account.

  • Support to open a bank account.

  • Support to gain important identification documents before you are 18 years such as a copy of your birth certificate and or your first passport including check and send or a provisional driving licence.

  • Support to get your National Insurance number.

Emergency Payments

  • If you find yourself in an emergency where you have no food, gas/electricity or have difficulty travelling to appointments, get in touch with your personal adviser who will undertake an assessment. The support offered will include sign posting to other services providing direct work to help you budget better in the future.

  • Exceptional Financial Support in Emergencies will be by direct payment from Future Directions or by request for funding if over £500.

Financial Gifts

You will be  entitled to a financial gift of £30 at Birthday’s and Christmas:

  • At 16- 18 years if you are living in semi independence you will receive a gift to the value of £30.

  • At 19, 20 and 21 years you will receive a gift of £30.

Festival Allowance

  • At 16 – 18 years if you are living in semi independence you will receive a gift to the value of £30 towards a celebration such as Christmas or Eid.

  • At 19 - 21 years if you are living in semi independence you will receive a gift to the value of £30 towards a celebration such as Christmas or Eid.

In custody

  • If you are an eligible/relevant/former relevant care leaver in custody or on remand you will receive a postal order or online payment of £40 per month under 18 years and £20 per month for over 18 years.

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