Our local offer for care leavers

Staying healthy

Your health is really important to us.  We want to work with you and support you to live an active and healthy life and ensure you can access appropriate health services. 

To help you do this your personal adviser or nurse can give you information and support you with the following areas:

  • eating healthily
  • living healthy; help to stop smoking and drinking 
  • accessing local leisure, exercise and sports facilities
  • help to pay for prescriptions
  • help to register with a GP
  • help to register with a dentist
  • help to register with an optician
  • support you to attend any health appointments
  • support you to transition from CAMHS to Adult Mental Health Services
  • provide information about counselling and Adult Mental Health Services 
  • help with transport costs when attending health appointments
  • give you information about sexual health services

Registering for services

We can support you to:

Register with a nurse

If you are unsure who your nurse is, you can contact (01226) 774411. The nursing team also hold a monthly drop in session at the Care leavers hub

Register with a GP

If you do not already have a GP, speak with your personal advisor or nurse who can help you to get registered. Find out more about how to register with a GP.

Register with a dentist

If you do not already have a dentist, speak with your personal advisor or nurse who can help you to get registered. Find out more about how to register with a dentist.

Emergencies and non-emergencies

In a medical emergency ring 999 and ask for an ambulance, giving them your address and details of what is wrong with you or the person you are ringing about.  Or go to the nearest Emergency Department.   For situations that are not urgent or an emergency, book to see your GP or ring 111 for advice. 

We can also support and advise you on how to:

  • register with your optician
  • attend any appointments
  • support you to transition from CAMHS to Adult Mental Health Services
  • give you information about counselling and Adult Mental Health Services that are available locally
  • give you help with transport costs when attending health appointments

Local services

Live Well Barnsley

Live Well Barnsley, is a place where you can find information about help and support services within the borough. The site contains information and contact details about all types of services and activities that can help you look after yourself, stay independent and get involved in your community.

Mental health services

If you feel you would like help and support with your emotional wellbeing and are not already under support services you can speak to:

  • Your personal advisor or nurse who will be able to guide you as to how you can access support.
  • Your GP who can again offer guidance and support and arrange a referral into mental health services if needed.
  • You can refer yourself for help by ringing (01226) 645000 between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday if you are over 18. 

In an emergency situation please call 999 or go to the nearest Emergency Department for support.

Open up Barnsley offers a list of services available in Barnsley that provides support on emotional wellbeing for young people in Barnsley.


Opening up Awareness and Support and Influencing Services (OASIS) is a chilypep group based in Barnsley that aims to help young people to shape mental health services for young people in Barnsley. 

The group meets every Thursday 5pm to 7pm at Horizon College to discuss campaign ideas. They have previously designed awareness raising posters and put together a mental health first aid kit which is now being widely used. For more information or to get involved email Chantelle.


If you become pregnant and would like to speak to someone about this, please contact your nurse or personal advisor who can support you and help you to access relevant services.

If you are under the age of 21 you will be supported by a specialist midwife. You don’t need to do anything to access this support other than go along to your GP (Doctors) who will book your pregnancy and let the midwife know. The midwife has lots of experience in working with young people and can give you extra time and support if you need it. 

Sexual health

We want to ensure you get the support and care that you need.

  • You can get a whole range of support, advice, testing and contraception that is free of charge from Spectrum.  Spectrum Integrated Sexual Health Service provides all methods of contraception, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and support, screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.

    The main clinic is in Barnsley town centre at Gateway Plaza, Sackville Street, Barnsley, S70 2RD. Clinics are also available in some GP surgeries. Find out more about spectrum or to book an appointment online alternatively you can call 0800 055 6442. 

  • If you would rather not go to the clinic, contact your nurse who can give you advice and support around sexual health and may be able to provide you with condoms. She can also support you to attend a clinic or (in some circumstances) arrange for someone from the clinic to meet you somewhere of your choosing.

  • Your GP may also be able to provide contraception, and your GP or local pharmacy may also be able to supply free emergency hormonal contraception such as the morning after pill.

Stopping Smoking

If you would like to stop smoking please speak with your personal advisor or nurse who can offer you and advice and support. 

The NHS Yorkshire smoke free service can also offer you support to stop smoking. 

Substance Misuse

If you are using drugs or alcohol and would like help to stop, reduce your use or keep yourself safe whilst using, please speak to you nurse or personal advisor. 

You can also get support from:

You can get support online by visiting:

Getting fit, being active and eating healthy

Part of being healthy is keeping fit and eating healthily. Your nurse and personal advisor can help you in achieving this and let you know about ways to do this.

Barnsley leisure card

Barnsley's leisure card scheme allows eligible groups including care experienced young people in Barnsley to access discounted sports and leisure activities in the area. Find out how to apply for a Barnsley Leisure Card.

Please ask your personal advisor for a letter of eligibility.

Running apps and resources

Support resources and information

NHS website

The NHS website offers an A-Z of health and health conditions and has lots of useful information.  The NHS health app, NHSgo can be downloaded on your mobile devices especially useful for 16-25 year olds.

Find out more about various health apps that have been tested and approved by the NHS.

NHS Live Well can offer support on staying healthy.

If you have any concerns around accessing health care or meeting your health needs, you can ring the Designated Nurse for Safeguarding and Children in Care and Care Leavers. 

Contact the Designated Nurse who can help you get the right care on 01226 433708, or speak to your personal adviser or nurse.  

For more information

Call (01226) 772626 or

Your personal health record

We will provide you with a record of your personal health history.

You will receive a booklet containing key information about your health from your childhood.

For example, when and if you've had immunisations and your current health needs. It also contains helpful health information that you may need as you become independent.

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