Children in care

We'll involve you in making it happen by:

  • providing you with a named independent reviewing officer who will chair your childcare review and make sure your views are heard and understood.

  • involving the Children in Care Council in developing, monitoring and reviewing this pledge.

  • listening to your views and opinions and involving you in decisions about your care.

  • talking to you and other children and young people in care to help us decide how to change and improve our services.

  • establishing a group of children and young people in care who will meet regularly¬†with senior managers and Barnsley councillors to talk about what it's like being in care and share ideas for making things better. ¬†This will be the Children in Care Council.

Your copy of the pledge

We give you a copy of our pledge so that you know what you can expect from us and so that you can tell us if we're not meeting these promises.

You can do this by talking to your social worker or reviewing officer, or anyone else who you know will tell us, including the Children's Rights Service.

If you need help from Children's Rights to speak up about any decisions affecting your life, call (01226) 753406.