Children in care

We'll prepare you for the future by:

  • making sure you have a pathway plan that you've contributed to, which sets out your path to adulthood from age 16 years and three months.

  • making sure you've got a bank account, birth certificate, passport and national insurance number soon after your 16th birthday.

  • making sure you have a named personal adviser from Barnsley's leaving care services.

  • caring for you in a care placement until your 18th birthday.

  • making sure when you leave school you receive an offer of education, employment or training and the opportunity to discuss this with a careers adviser.

  • doing all we can to make sure that when you leave care you'll be provided with suitable quality accommodation in Barnsley, unless this is against your wishes, and where you need it.  This will be supported accommodation.

  • providing you with accommodation in Barnsley when you're home from college or university.

  • providing access to English language classes, if you're a separated child, within two weeks of becoming a child in care and supporting you to take up additional educational opportunities.

Your copy of the pledge

We give you a copy of our pledge so that you know what you can expect from us and so that you can tell us if we're not meeting these promises.

You can do this by talking to your social worker or reviewing officer, or anyone else who you know will tell us, including the Children's Rights Service.

If you need help from Children's Rights to speak up about any decisions affecting your life, call (01226) 753406.