Children in care

There are lots of people who want to help you when you come into care.

Social worker

You'll have a social worker who'll work with you, your family and your carers to make your life better.

They'll be your first point of contact and will:

  • make sure you’re OK… that you have a care plan and a placement plan and that you get all the care that you need.
  • work with your foster carer or residential worker to make sure you've got access to the services you need to stay healthy and get a good education.
  • help you to stay in touch with your family and monitor this contact as agreed in your care plan.

Foster carer/residential worker

These people will care for and support you on a day-to-day basis. They'll make sure that you have clean clothes, healthy meals, access to a doctor, dentist and optician, regular education, and appropriate school uniform. They'll treat you like one of their own family, but also respect you as an individual.

Independent reviewing officer (IRO)

Your reviewing officer works separately from your social worker. It’s their job to make sure you’re well looked after and that all the people who support you are making the right plans and decisions at the right time for you. They’ll also make sure that you have your say in making all these decisions about your life.

Family support worker

These people work alongside your social worker. They’ll supervise contact between you and your family. You can speak to your family support worker about anything and they can pass the information on to the relevant people

Leaving care worker

Leaving care workers are based in the Future Directions Team. They work with you from the age of 16 to help you prepare for your future. They’ll give you advice about benefits, how to apply for a tenancy, and living independently once you leave care.

Life story work

When you’re in care, you’ll probably have lots of questions about your family… why you came into care, and what’s happened while you’ve been in care.

Your social worker, carer and family support worker will try to collect information and photographs from your birth family to make a life story book for you. This might have information about your parents’ childhood and things that they like and dislike, about other important family members, a family tree, special occasions, and contact sessions.

Your foster carer will also make a book about your time living with them. It will include information about your foster carers and things you do while you live with them, such as school, day trips, holidays, and parties.


NYAS provides independent visitors for children and young people in care who have no family contact and no support available.

Independent visitors are people who will maintain regular contact with you, visit you, support you, call you for a chat, and organise social activities. They’ll even attend your review if you want them to.

Future Directions

The Future Directions team will work with you to prepare you for independence when you’re ready for leaving care. They'll help you make plans for going into training or employment, and find you accommodation.

They’ll also support you in school, college and work, including working with you to develop your Personal Education Plan, and give you extra help before you take your exams.


Here's what you can expect from us

  • We'll look after you in a safe and caring home

  • We'll promote, support and respect your identity

  • We'll ensure you receive a good education

  • We'll support you to be healthy

  • We'll prepare you for the future

  • We'll involve you in making it happen