Children in care

We'll support you to be healthy by:

  • making sure you're registered with a doctor and dentist and you're able to attend all your necessary immunisations an medical appointments, including an annual health and dental assessment.

  • providing a specialist children in care health adviser to advise and support you, your carers and other health professionals so that you get the best possible healthcare.

  • making sure you're able to take part in a range of sporting, leisure, play and other physical activities that will improve your physical health.

  • making sure that if you move home, health services in your new area have information about anything you may need.

  • supporting you to manage your own health needs as you get older, including providing information, advice and support about relationships and sexual health.

  • making sure you have specialist support if you feel so angry, upset, scared, confused or lonely that it's stopping you feeling safe or happy.

Your copy of the pledge

We give you a copy of our pledge so that you know what you can expect from us and so that you can tell us if we're not meeting these promises.

You can do this by talking to your social worker or reviewing officer, or anyone else who you know will tell us, including the Children's Rights Service.

If you need help from Children's Rights to speak up about any decisions affecting your life, call (01226) 753406.