Children in care

When children come into care, we become their corporate parents. That means we have a responsibility to look after them as if they were our own children.

All our services, employees and elected members must consider the needs of children and young people in our care, but the people who are specifically responsible are the council's Chief Executive, the Cabinet Spokesperson for Children, Young People and Families, and the Executive Director for People, supported by the team below.

Together, we look after children in care and provide services that:

  • meet their individual needs
  • make sure they’re safe and protected
  • help them grow up healthily
  • help them get a good education
  • help them gain and develop the essential life and social skills they need in adulthood
  • help them reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives

Children in care corporate parents

Diana Terris - Chief Executive

I have to make sure that the council is run really well, which includes making sure that we have trained staff and enough money to help Barnsley be a nice place to live and work.

I also make sure that we provide services to help children and adults in Barnsley keep safe and happy. The Chair of the local Children’s Safeguarding Board helps me to do this. We work together to make sure that staff do what they should do to keep everyone in Barnsley safe and give help to anyone who needs it.

I like horse riding, visiting the cinema, good food, and watching David Attenborough wildlife programmes. I've been to Uganda to see gorillas. My favourite recent film is Skyfall and I like to watch tennis

Rachel Dickinson - Executive Director for People

I lead children’s services in the council and I'm responsible for how good they are. I work with local partners such as health services to improve outcomes for all children and young people. I act as a children’s champion and I must make sure children and young people are involved in developing services.

I really like learning new things, listening to music (everything from Adele to Dixie Chicks to Billie Holliday and Bruce Springstein), reading, walking, horse riding and shopping.

My favourites: spaghetti with king prawns, tomatoes and chilli; TV – I hardly ever get chance to watch it – but if I do, drama things like Downton Abbey; or documentaries on travel, the natural world and planet. My favourite film is Sister Act and ‘What I Loved’ by Suri Husveldt is one of my favourite books.

Pete Howell - Service Manager Children in Care

My job is to make sure that children in care and care leavers get the best possible services. What's really important to me is the challenge of ensuring the best outcomes for children in care and those leaving care.

I value their views about the services we provide as as they help us to improve the services we provide.

I like music, films, caravanning, Guggenmusik (ask me and I’ll explain!) I enjoy spending time with family and friends; and Manchester City (even when they were poor – both in money and performance!). 

Stephanie Evans - Service Manager Adoption/Fostering

My job is to make sure we have enough families and other settings able to look after children and young people who are no longer able to live with their birth family, whether that’s just for a short time or for the rest of their lives.

I’ve worked with children and their families for many years in hospitals, schools and voluntary sector projects. Wherever I’ve worked, I’ve always made sure that services are high quality and responsive to children and young people's needs.

I like spending time with my family and friends, travelling, reading and gardening. My music tastes are probably too weird to mention – I went to a violin concert recently featuring music from the English Civil War.

I don’t like football much, but I do like other sports, particularly rugby and cycling.

Claire Barwell - Team Manager Children in Care

My job is to manage the plans of children in long term care. This involves making sure that services make decisions in the best interests of the child and that their wishes and feelings have been sought and acted upon.

I want children to be looked after to a very good standard and make sure that they're given the same opportunities as others their age.

I like motorbikes and enjoy long road trips in foreign countries. I like travel in general, but my preferred way of travel is on a motorbike as you see more and ‘no traffic jams’. My favourite music is heavy rock and my favourite instrument in the bass guitar.

Julie Littlewood - Supervising Social Worker

I provide support, advice and training to foster carers so that they can look after the children in their care. Part of my role is to make sure that children in placement are happy.

I enjoy listening to and watching live music. I have a varied taste in music from rock/metal to acoustic. I like trying different food and enjoy spicy food. After discovering that I can bake, my colleagues act as willing guinea pigs!

My all time favourite artist is Prince, although I also support local bands. My best memory is The Olympic closing Gig with Blur headlining; favourite comfort food is bangers and mash and I enjoy riding pillion on the back of motorcycles. I would like to visit New Orleans in the future to experience the food and music.

Nick Barker - Team Manager Future Directions

I manage the leaving care service in Barnsley. 

We're based at Temperance House and work with young people aged 16 to 21 (25 if they're still in education or training), who have left foster or residential care and are moving into adulthood.

I like music, drumming, football and biscuits. My favourite things are Italian food, The Clash, the film 'Bullit' and AFC Bournemouth.




Our duties as corporate parents

  • To look after children in care in a safe and caring home

  • To promote, support and respect the identity of children in care

  • To ensure children in care receive a good education

  • To support children in care to be healthy

  • To prepare children in care for the future

  • To involve children in care in making it happen