Children in care

Your health

When you come into care, you'll have a health assessment with a doctor and then your social worker will write a health plan for you.

This will include your medical information, such as any illnesses or disabilities you have, any medications you need, dental treatments, eye tests or anything that's upsetting you.

We'll review your health plan regularly, as part of your overall care plan, and discuss any changes with you at your review meeting. For children under five, we update it every six months and, for those over five, every twelve months.

Your education

Getting a good education will help you secure a good job later in life and help you to do all the things you want to do.

When you come into care, we'll support your learning so that you leave school with the qualifications you need to start an apprenticeship, get a job, or go on to further study at college or university.

When you go to school you’ll be with your friends, you’ll meet new people and you’ll learn lots of new and interesting things that will help you in your future. Make the most of the opportunity and let your teachers push you to be the best you can be.

Your personal education plan (PEP)

Your social worker will create a PEP for you when you come into care. It will say what you're good at, what kind of help you need, and who will help you make the plan work. You, your teachers, and carers will be involved in writing the plan.

Your PEP should be reviewed at least twice a year, usually during your personal review meeting. 

Virtual headteacher

To help you do well at school, we have a virtual headteacher who collects information from your school telling us how well you’re doing.

From this information, we know when to celebrate your successes and when we need to offer you more support from our Future Directions education advocate and children in care teacher.

They also have personal advisers, who will help you make the move to further education or employment when you leave school and as you leave care to become independent.

Designated teacher

Your school should also have a designated teacher for children in care.

They'll monitor your progress in school and make sure you get the support and resources you need to do do well. They'll make sure you've got a PEP and they'll also talk to your carers and social worker to make sure they can support you at home.

You should know who the designated teacher is and be able to talk to them about how well you think you’re doing.

Training and employment

When you leave school, we’ll encourage you to continue your studies at college or university, or to look for a job. Whatever you decide to do, the Future Directions worker will write your choices in your pathways plan.

If you decide to go to college or university, we'll offer support throughout your course and make sure that you’ve got somewhere to live during the holidays.

If you’re still in full-time education when you’re 21, we’ll continue to support you until you complete the course, or until you're 24.

Talk to your carer, social worker and personal adviser about what you want to do in the future.

Celebration awards

We’re proud of our children in care and their achievements, so we want to make sure that we recognise the good things they do and the progress they make.

That’s why we hold the Barnsley Stars Celebration of Achievement Awards.

These take place in September or October each year, not just to reward children and young people for their efforts, but to raise their aspirations and encourage them to ‘reach for the stars’ in whatever they’re doing.

The evening starts off with a presentation of awards for things like personal achievement, special achievement and team achievement, and is followed by a disco and buffet.

Examples of recognised achievement include:

  • being voted pupil of the year
  • being commended for obtaining university places
  • doing voluntary work in the community

Here's what you can expect from us

  • We'll look after you in a safe and caring home

  • We'll promote, support and respect your identity

  • We'll ensure you receive a good education

  • We'll support you to be healthy

  • We'll prepare you for the future

  • We'll involve you in making it happen