SEND local offer directory

The local offer is an online resource for parents of children or young people with special educational needs or some kind of disability. 

The purpose of the local offer is to make sure that children, young people and families can access the right information at the right time and are able to make informed choices.

It became a statutory requirement under the Children and Families Act 2014 for every council to publish a local offer, setting our the support they expect to be available for all children and young people with SEND.

Schools and early years providers are subject to a statutory duty to co-operate with us to develop our local offer.

What's included in the local offer

The local offer brings together, in one place, information about services available in your area, to make it easily accessible for you and your family, including the following:

  • schools and colleges (specialist and mainstream)
  • travel to school and college
  • childcare and education for the early years (0 to five years)
  • health services and support
  • social care  
  • training
  • housing, employment and leisure opportunities.

Developing the local offer

We've developed the information in the local offer with the help of parents, carers, children and young people, and are continually working to further develop and improve it.

You can help us do this by giving your feedback about the current offer and any suggestions or ideas you have for improving it. Use our online form to tell us what you think.

What you've already told us and what we're going to do

You said What we're doing
We don’t really know what the local offer is; what does it mean?​ We'll improve our communication with parents/carers and young people, including a refresh of marketing materials.
We struggle to find the right place to click on the homepage for specific SEND information. Working with our web team and the website provider, we'll refresh the current site and make it more user friendly.
Lots of the pictures on the site are of younger children and not very young person friendly. The site doesn’t look like it's for us. We've changed some of the pictures on the current site and will continue to make it more young person friendly based on young people's views.
There's a lack of information on transition and the 18-25 age range. We'll take this into consideration as part of the refresh and add more information in this section, with your involvement.
A printed how to use/information guide on the local offer would be really useful, especially for people who don't access the internet. We'll look into the feasibility of producing a local offer guide.
We'd like a separate short breaks section on the site which explains how to apply, what activities there are and the facility to download the application form. We'll consider this in the refresh and update the current information.