Training for foster carers

It's important that you feel supported and confident in your role as a foster carer. We want to make sure that foster placements work, for you and the child, so we'll offer you as much help and advice as you need. You'll have regular opportunities to attend training to make sure you have the skills and knowledge required to meet a child's needs.


Before you can be approved as a foster carer you'll need to attend a preparation for fostering course. If you're a couple you'll both need to attend. 

All new foster carers also have to complete a national standard level of training within 18 months of taking on the role. It's important to make sure that you're competent and safe in your new role and our training helps to you develop the skills and knowledge that you'll need to support the child you'll be caring for. If you've got some prior experience of working with children and young people we'll take this into account as evidence towards meeting the standard. You can read more about the training, support and development standards for foster care on the GOV.UK website.

When you're fostering we'll continue to offer you training, including the opportunity to take NVQ qualifications as part of our Payment for Skills scheme. For each level you achieve you'll receive an increased allowance. Please refer to our information about how much you'll get paid for fostering for details. 

Your fostering social worker will help you to identify the courses that you need to attend. We'll also work with you on a personal development plan and a training profile.