Barnsley Educational, Child and Community Psychology Service

Buy our services

To make sure that we have the capacity to meet demand and appropriate levels of staffing to meet your requirements, we'd prefer you to commit to buying our services for the next financial year (1 April to 31 March) before 28 February each year.

What you need to do

  • Decide which of our day packages you would like and email this information to If you would like to discuss this before sending your request, please contact your link educational psychologist or the principal educational psychologist.

  • If you have an existing contract with us, and you have not made contact by the end of February, we will contact you to see if you want to renew the contract for the next financial year, incorporating any amendments you wish to make.

  • If you don’t have an existing contract with us, and you want to purchase our range of services, please email us.

  • When we receive your requirements, we will send you a contract to sign.

  • We will invoice you once we receive your signed contract. Payment will be required within 30 days.
  • Once we receive your payment, your allocated educational psychologist will contact you to arrange an initial meeting or phone conversation to further discuss, plan and negotiate when to deliver the work throughout the period of the contract.

Finally, if you have stated a preference for a particular psychologist, we'll do our best to meet your request, but we may, in some cases, allocate another member of the team to support you, especially if their specialism is better suited to your needs.

Our costs

Package of service What’s included Cost
ECCPS 1 Our specialist team provides a core offer to all maintained schools and academies in Barnsley No charge
ECCPS 2 A total of 3 days each 
financial year (equivalent to 1 day each term)
(daily rate £550)
ECCPS 3 A total of 6 days each 
financial year (equivalent to 1 day each half term)
(daily rate £535)
ECCPS 4 A total of 19 days each 
financial year (equivalent to 1 day a fortnight)
(daily rate £520)
ECCPS 5 A total of 26 days each financial year (equivalent to 8 to 9 days each term) £13,520
(daily rate £520)
Pay as you go You may wish to 'pay as you go' when required. 
Schools are strongly advised to plan ahead for anticipated ECCP support at a lower cost. A day consists of 6 hours.

If you do not wish to purchase the number of days outlined in the packages above, you have the option to buy the number of days of your choice. The costs for this option are set out below.

Number of days What's included Cost (day rate)
1 - 5 days You'll negotiate with your allocated ECCP
when you want to use your purchased time
7 - 18 days You'll negotiate with your allocated ECCP
when you want to use your purchased time
20 - 26 days You'll negotiate with your allocated ECCP
when you want to use your purchased time


The maximum amount that an individual school can purchase for the financial year is 26 days. However, a group collaboration/pyramid of schools may wish to request a joint contract that may exceed 26 days.  For example, last financial year, a collaboration of five schools purchased a joint contract for 58 days' worth of educational child and community psychology time.

You may wish to use some of your purchased time to access twilight, half-day or full-day training in a particular area (see menu for the areas we can cover). Training in any area will be specifically tailored to meet the requirements of your school (age range, type of staff, and topics covered within the area). The Educational, Child and Community Psychologist will have a discussion with you about this if you choose to purchase training from our service. Our general approach is that if you decide to access training, the allocated ECCP will wish to conduct a needs analysis within the school to fully ensure that any specific areas/topics are covered as identified in the needs analysis. For example, if a school wishes to purchase twilight training on ‘Memory’, the needs analysis may identify that the focus needs to be on ‘working memory’, particularly in relation to literacy development as attainment in this area throughout the school has not been as productive as hoped. Essentially, the needs analysis is about ensuring that you maximise the ECCP’s knowledge base and you get value for money.

Our values

We apply psychology to promote positive change and outcomes.

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