Barnsley Educational, Child and Community Psychology Service

How we practice

The difficulties children and young people experience don't exist in isolation from their school, family and community and this has important implications for how we work with those who seek our help.

To ensure successful outcomes for the child or young person we're working with, it's crucial that we engage their parents, other professionals, and most importantly that we listen to what the child or young person feels they need.

Our service follows the Division of Educational and Child Psychology guidelines for best practice in that we will engage in continual process of exploration, solution and evaluation including:

  • problem clarification
  • formulation
  • information gathering
  • hypothesis/intervention planning
  • intervention
  • monitoring
  • review
  • evaluation of impact

Community psychology

Our practice is underpinned by community focused psychology which offers a framework for working with those marginalised within society.  

It is a way of working that is pragmatic and holistic in how psychology is applied. Community Psychology offers an alternative to just a sole focus on individual assessment.  

It is community psychology because it emphasises a level of analysis and intervention beyond the individual and their immediate interpersonal context, whilst bearing in mind that the individual and his/her presentation and wellbeing are integral to a full understanding of their needs  (eg group interventions, consultation work, organisation/systemic practice - see menu of support for further examples).  

It is community psychology because it is nevertheless concerned with how professionals, parents and children and young people (CYP) feel, think, experience, and act as they work together creating more sustained outcomes for the CYP we serve.

Our values

We believe that collaborating with parents and engaging the voices of children and young people are crucial.

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