Barnsley Educational, Child and Community Psychology Service

Our statutory offer

Our statutory offer covers the work we do with children and young people that is directly funded by Barnsley Council.

Statutory support we offer to schools

  • Complete assessments, as appropriate, for children and young people where statutory assessment (or re-assessment) has been agreed by the council's Needs Assessment Panel to inform the educational health and care needs assessment process, under the Children’s and Family Act 2014 

  • Attend and/or provide professional advice for SENDIST procedures

As directed by the council, we may also:

  • provide advice on meeting the needs of a pupil with a statement of special educational needs (SEN) or education, health and care plan (EHCP)
  • provide advice (which may include assessments and reports) for annual review meetings
  • attend annual review meetings
  • provide advice (which may include assessments and reports) to help inform appropriate pupil educational placements

The council may direct involvement as outlined above, through Provision Panel, following consideration of several of the following circumstances/criteria:

  • the child or young person's educational placement has broken down (mainstream or specialist) and the council's Provision Panel requires a psychologist's assessment to help inform what provision the child or young person may need in the future
  • the child or young person has displayed prolonged absences from the educational setting
  • the child or young person is highly vulnerable to not being in employment, education or training
  • the child or young person is in public care or under a child protection plan
  • the child or young person has not accessed a psychologist assessment for a prolonged period of time
  • there are serious and sustained concerns regarding the child or young person's academic development
  • there are serious and sustained concerns regarding the child or young person's mental health/emotional wellbeing/behaviour
  • the child or young person is at risk of fixed term or permanent exclusion
  • a change in the child or young person's circumstances which has had a significant impact upon their needs

Additional core offer

We provide an additional ‘core offer’ to maintained schools which essentially provides up to 1½ hours for a ‘planning meeting’. The planning meeting provides an opportunity for discussions around potential statutory work and traded work twice per financial year. Furthermore, our core offer also responds to critical incidents within service guidelines.

Our values

We believe in equality, inclusion and placing the child or young person at the heart of what we do.

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