Barnsley Educational, Child and Community Psychology Service

Example areas of our work

We can provide support to help you meet the needs of children with: acquired brain injuries; autism spectrum conditions; cerebral palsy; epilepsy; foetal alcohol syndrome; and other genetic conditions.

Individual level work

We can provide:

  • individual assessment (cognitive, dynamic, play based, observational) to develop strategies that can enhance successful inclusion.
  • specific assessments, in the case of acquired brain Injury, conducted in line with medical and neurological research into likely areas affected by this form of injury.

Group level work

We can provide:

  • group intervention to develop autistic spectrum condition pupils' capacity to interact using role play.
  • group intervention to support anxiety reduction for pupils experiencing autistic spectrum conditions.

Organisational and strategic work

We can provide *1 hour twilight, half day or full day training/workshops in the following areas:

  • educating pupils/CYP who experience autism spectrum conditions (ASC).
  • educating pupils who experience Downs Syndrome.
  • educating pupils who experience acquired brain injury.
  • educating pupils who experience foetal alcohol syndrome.

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