Barnsley Educational, Child and Community Psychology Service

Example areas of our work

We can offer you support in relation to case study research, action research and school policy development.

We can play a consultative role to develop strategy, policies and protocols in your school in relation to the following areas:

  • bullying
  • behaviour
  • learning support units
  • behaviour support units
  • self-harm

We can lead/deliver action research that will investigate a particular issue in your school and provide detailed explanations. Issues might include:

  • low attainment in a particular group (for example special educational needs, looked after children, ethnic minorities, and those with English as an additional language
  • behaviour management
  • pupil attendance
  • parent aspiration
  • teacher performance and capabilities

Local area work

Clusters/localities/trusts of schools may wish to purchase a selection of training packages over the financial year.

Clusters/localities/trusts of schools may wish to purchase a piece of research to investigate a particular issue.

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