Barnsley Educational, Child and Community Psychology Service

Why choose us?

We strongly believe that we are able to provide a unique service that can't be replicated by other services in terms of the range of work that we can deliver.

We have a longstanding knowledge of the communities we are passionate about.
We provide a distinctly holistic approach to understanding child development.
We apply psychology to enhance the outcomes for children and young people and to support school systems in developing inclusive education and enhancing pupil attainment.
We have the skills to deliver a range of interventions that can develop children and young people's thinking skills, learning capacity and emotional wellbeing.
We have ready access to previous records about the children and young people we support.
We have efficient, fluid communication between ourselves and other council services when required.
Our link with special educational needs work and any subsequent statutory work is more fluid and consistent.
We are trained researchers and can therefore provide important information and advice in a diverse range of areas.
We are trained to administer and analyse specialised psychological assessments.

Our values

Our work has a strong community focus and is based upon collaboration with schools, parents, carers and the children and young people we support.

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