Barnsley Mile

In March 2017, we began the #BarnsleyMile campaign, our version of the national Daily Mile challenge, to encourage children in our primary schools to take part in 15 minutes of physical activity every day, either walking, jogging or running with their classmates in the safety of their own playgrounds

Evidence shows that just a 15 minute burst of exercise, breaking up the normal school day, is enough to help children increase concentration, as well as enjoying positive physical health benefits. Children who run a mile every day perform better in reading, writing and maths SATS.

Across Barnsley, we have high levels of physical inactivity and we believe that the Daily Mile is a powerful weapon in the fight against physical inactivity and recognise that schools have an important role to play in supporting this fight.

We want to be the first council with all its schools delivering the Daily Mile. You can help us do this by signing up to the challenge.

How we'll help you get involved

To help you and your school get involved, we've sent you the following resources:

Schools already signed up and taking part

  • Barugh Green Primary
  • Birkwood Primary
  • Cawthorne C of E Primary
  • Churchfields Primary
  • Gawber Primary
  • Hoyland Springwood Primary
  • Jump Primary
  • Kings Oak Primary
  • Laithes Primary
  • Oxspring Primary
  • Royston St John Baptist CE Primary
  • Shawlands Primary
  • Thurlestone Primary
  • Wellgate Primary Wilthorpe Primary

Give us a call if any of the above information is incorrect and don't forget to send in your pledge cards if your school is about to commit to delivering the Daily Mile.

Follow us on social media

Please join the social movement. Send in your pictures, videos, news stories and tips/good ideas and tag #BarnsleyMile on Twitter and Facebook. Along with other schools, we'll look forward to following your journey.