Education for children who are new to the UK

All our schools and academies work hard to raise the achievement and aspirations of ethnic minority children and young people, including those newly arrived in the UK.

Help for parents

If you've just arrived in England and you have a child aged between five and 16, you need to apply for a school place through school admissions.  

If your child is already in school and needs additional support, talk to your child’s teacher and they'll explore how they can help.

Help for schools

If you have children in your school who are ‘new arrivals’ (pupils who have recently arrived in this country who speak little or no English), you can get help to meet their education and welfare needs from Barnsley’s champion schools.

Barnsley’s champion schools are:

  • Queens Road Academy - to support primary schools across the borough
  • Horizon Community College - to support secondary schools across the borough.

What champion schools offer

Each champion school will offer support in the following ways:

  • practice showcase events 
    Scheduled half-day sessions when the school will open its doors to colleagues to visit and experience practice firsthand. Each showcase will have a key focus and begin with an introduction session led by the Champion School’s staff. Colleagues will then have time to undertake an enquiry walk to experience the school’s provision before reconvening to share thoughts and be introduced to the related on line materials.

  • online materials
    A series of resources and guidance documents intended to answer the frequently asked questions schools face when developing provision for EAL learners.

  • open house meetings
    Scheduled twilight sessions allowing colleagues to visit the Champion School to meet with staff for further explanation of the online materials.