Barnsley Education Inclusion Services

What our psychologists will do

  • Identify strengths within the child or young person and the education setting in order to build on what is working.

  • Actively apply psychological theory to understand needs.

  • Apply research and evidence-based practice to identify strategies and approaches that best meet need.

  • Co-construct and agree outcomes based on the aspirations of the child or young person and their family.

  • Seek and engage the child or young person’s views. Enable their voice to be heard and inform decision making.

  • View the situation differently and promote the possibility of change to allow the removal of barriers to inclusion.

  • Promote problem solving through conversations where we listen, empathise and positively reframe challenges.

  • Reflect on purpose of our involvement to ensure that decisions in relation to ‘assessment’ are child centred and based on information gathered.

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