Barnsley Education Inclusion Services

What we do

We support children and young people with a range of communication and interaction needs, including those on the autistic spectrum. We work in a range of educational settings, providing hands-on strategies to meet the holistic needs of the child.

Communication and interaction can cause difficulties in the process of learning and general overall development. However, with expert teaching and a properly and appropriately resourced teaching and learning environment, these difficulties can be addressed in a purposeful and meaningful way.

Our aim is to support practitioners to remove barriers to learning for children with additional needs to give them equal access to the curriculum and social situations.

Children we work with

We can support children who present with:

  • difficulties in attuning to social situations and responding to normal environmental cues
  • personal agendas which are increasingly not amenable to adult direction
  • a tendency to withdraw from social situations and an increasing passivity and absence of initiative
  • repressed, reduced or inappropriate social interactions extending to highly egocentric behaviour with an absence of awareness of the needs or emotions of others
  • impaired use of language, either expressive or receptive; this may include odd intonation, literal interpretations and idiosyncratic phrases, and may extend to more bizarre expressive forms and limited expression, reducing the potential for two-way communication
  • limitation in expressive or creative peer activity extending to obsessive interests or repetitive activities
  • interests that are unusual in focus or intensity
  • differences in the processing of sensory information that can lead to heightened states of arousal or agitation
  • reliance upon structure or routines, and distress at small or non-functional changes in the environment

Meet the team

Between us we have a breadth of knowledge and specialist expertise to help you meet the needs of children and young people with communication and interaction needs.

Our social communication and interaction support team are:

  • Dr Naomi Robinson - Principal Educational Psychologist
  • Andrea Eaton - Specialist Advisory Teacher
  • Toni Harvey - Specialist Advisory Teacher
  • Melanie Booth - Specialist Support Worker
  • Lucy Shea - Specialist Support Worker
  • Louise Stringer - Advisory Teacher
  • Lora Wilmott - Advisory Teacher
  • Gemma Whitfield - Support Worker

Our offer

Our social communication and interaction support offer includes:

  • special FRIENDS, SCERTS communications, PECS, and intensive interaction interventions - deliver or model
  • observations and advice for curriculum engagement and re-integration work planning
  • staff consultation for strategy development to support SCI needs
  • nurture groups to develop communication and language skills
  • Lego therapy - deliver or model
  • music interaction intervention
  • integration planning for children who are excluded, missing education, absconding or have poor attendance
  • parent consultation workshops
  • Cygnet programme
  • training workshops in ASD-friendly classrooms, PECS, social script interventions, intensive interaction
  • ASD provision audit
  • SENDCo support and development

Our packages

Our social communication and interaction packages include both our core and traded services.

Package Days of support per financial year Flat daily rate Total cost
SCI1 (core offer) Variable N/A No charge
SCI2 3
(equivalent to 1 day per term)
£300 £900
SCI3 6
(equivalent to 1 day per half term)
£300 £1,800
SCI4 19
(equivalent to 1 day per fortnight)
£300 £5,700
SCI5 26 £300 £7,800
Pay as you go Variable £400
(6 hours)

With our pay as you go plan you can buy our services when required, subject to capacity and availability. We advise to plan ahead for anticipated social, communication and interaction support at a lower daily rate cost.

How to get in touch

Children or young people who may have communication or interaction needs can be referred to us via a planning meeting at the school or childcare setting.

You can also talk to us at one of our social communication and interaction consultation surgeries.