Barnsley Education Inclusion Services

Children we work with

If a child in your setting displays any of the following behaviours, we can carry out an assessment and recommend a package of support to meet their learning needs:

  • persistently ignores or misunderstands instructions
  • finds it difficult to understand or respond to verbal cues
  • finds it difficult to communicate through spoken language or interactions with peers and adults
  • has difficulty with language-related topics and in understanding new or complex concepts
  • gets frustrated and anxious because of their difficulty to communicate, leading to associated behavioural difficulties and peer relationships
  • has a tendency to rely on peers, observing behaviour and activities to cue into expected responses
  • has a tendency to withdraw from social situations and an increasing passivity and absence of initiative
  • increasingly uses additional strategies to facilitate communication
  • requires additional systems to support all aspects of communication, for example BSL, additional audiological equipment

Our offer

Our hearing support offer includes:

  • initial and ongoing assessment observation (determined by NatSIP)
  • information sharing
  • annual eligibility assessments
  • advice on specialist equipment
  • maintenance of hearing aid equipment
  • all support to FE
  • vocabulary, listening and language, develop real world knowledge or general knowledge and memory skills development including modelling
  • assessments to support advice to settings
  • AQA scheme award
  • specific training on aspects of deafness and hearing loss
  • pre and post tutoring
  • inference and comprehension work
  • advice on learning styles
  • joint planning with staff
  • support for resource provisions
  • self-esteem, preparing for adulthood, social inclusion for deaf children
  • support to develop theory of mind and social or emotional understanding
  • personal understanding of deafness programme
  • transition support for deaf children
  • training on hearing aid maintenance
  • training on radio aid maintenance
  • on-going multi-agency liaison around the deaf child with audiology, hearing services, SALT and families
  • environmental audits
  • deaf identity and advocacy

Our packages

Our hearing support packages include both our core and traded services.

School settings will receive 70% of provision for a child as core, with the setting required to contribute the remaining 30%.

Package Equivalent days of support per financial year Flat daily rate Total cost 30% setting charge
HSENSE1 16 £300 £4,800 £1,440
HSENSE2 8 £300 £2,400 £720
HSENSE3 4 £300 £1,200 £360
HSENSE4 3 £300 £900 £270
HSENSE5 1.5 £300 £450 £135
HSENSE6 0.5 £300 £150 £45