Licences for chaperones

Chaperones are people licensed to accompany and look after children and young people who take part in television, theatre, film, amateur performances, modelling or sporting activities.

By law, school age children, up to and including Year 11, must be accompanied by a registered chaperone when they’re taking part in or rehearsing for a public performance, if their parent or guardian can’t go with them.

Relatives and childminders are not legal guardians (unless they've been appointed as such by the courts). Parents may only supervise their own child; to supervise other children, they must be registered as a chaperone.

For more information and legislation on child performances, please see National Network of Child Employment and Entertainment (NNCEE).

Skills you'll need to become a chaperone

A chaperone's first responsibility is to the child in their care; the child will look to them for guidance, protection, clarification, and support.

If you become a chaperone, you'll need to have an awareness/understanding of:

  • safeguarding requirements as described by Barnsley Safeguarding Children Board
  • the child's age and experience, concentration span, and exposure to adult conversation and expectations as they'll often be working in an adult environment
  • health and safety issues on stage and on set, such as evacuation procedures in case of emergencies like fire, and emergency first aid treatment
  • the need to take action when a child is tired, ill or upset
  • signs and symptoms of intimidation and bullying
  • the need for proof of the hours and times laid down in the child’s licence
  • the need for negotiation with the production company on on the child's behalf about health education and hours (in accordance with the performance table)
  • Children Performance and Activities Licence legislation

What chaperones are responsible for

The law states that anyone who takes on the role of a chaperone is acting in loco parentis and should exercise the care that  a good parent might reasonably be expected to give that child.. 

Read about the responsibilities of a chaperone for full details.

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