Primary schools



Contact Details

All Saints Academy Darfield Mr C Walls
School Street, Darfield,
Barnsley S73 9EU
Tel: 01226 752293
Fax:01226 341225
Email: All Saints Academy
Athersley North Primary Mrs M Newcombe
Lindhurst Road, Athersley North,
Barnsley S71 3NB
Tel: 01226 288674
Fax:01226 204633
Email: Athersley North
Athersley South Primary Ms J Whiteley
Ms E Sanderson
Wakefield Road, Smithies,
Barnsley S71 3TP
Tel: 01226 284223
Fax:01226 733039
Email: Athersley South1
Email: Athersley South2
Barugh Green Primary Mr M Gilmore
Higham Common Road,
Barugh Green,
Barnsley S75 1LD
Tel: 01226 383800
Fax:01226 381268
Email: Barugh Green
Birdwell Primary Ms J Gilmour
Sheffield Road,
Barnsley S70 5XB
Tel: 01226 742957
Fax: 01226 746025
Email: Birdwell
Birkwood Primary Mrs J Allen
Darfield Road, Cudworth,
Barnsley S72 8HG
Tel: 01226 710447
Fax:01226 712341
Email: Birkwood
Brierley Church of England Primary Mr M Reed
Beech Close, Brierley,
Barnsley S72 9EJ
Tel: 01226 711332
Fax:01226 711332
Email: Brierley CE
Burton Road Primary Mr M Harris
Burton Road,
Barnsley S71 2AA
Tel: 01226 288679
Fax:01226 289764
Email: Burton Road
Carlton Primary Academy

Mrs J Everett (Executive Principal)
Mrs C Minnet (Head of School)
Fish Dam Lane, Carlton,
Barnsley S71 3HF

Tel: 01226 722166
Fax:01226 722918
Email: Carlton
Carrfield Primary Academy Mrs J Leishman 
Highgate Lane, Bolton-on-Dearne,
Rotherham S63 8AL
Tel: 01709 893121
Fax:01709 888167
Email: Dearne Carrfield
Cawthorne Church of England (VC) Primary Ms E Pursley
Taylor Hill, Cawthorne,
Barnsley S75 4HB
Tel: 01226 790447
Fax: 01226 792848
Email: Cawthorne CE
Cherry Dale Primary Ms D Flanagan
Royston Road, Cudworth,
Barnsley S72 8AA
Tel: 01226 719700
Fax:01226 780469
Email: Cherry Dale
Cudworth Churchfield Primary Ms Y Gray
Snydale Road, Cudworth,
Barnsley S72 8JR
Tel: 01226 710523
Fax:01226 780935
Email: Cudworth Churchfield
Darton Primary Ms J Lancett
Station Road, Darton,
Barnsley S75 5AD
Tel: 01226 394050
Fax:01226 394057
Email: Darton
Dearne Goldthorpe Primary Ms S Fields
Barnsley Road, Goldthorpe,
Rotherham S63 9NG
Tel: 01709 892044
Fax:01709 881196
Email: Dearne Goldthorpe
Dearne Highgate Primary Mrs J Leishman
Nicholas Lane, Goldthorpe,
Rotherham S63 9AS
Tel: 01709 892160
Fax:01709 888169
Email: Dearne Highgate
Dodworth St John the Baptist CE VA Primary Mr I Goddard (Executive Head)
Mr P Wright(Head of School) 
Barnsley Road, Dodworth,
Barnsley S75 3JS
Tel: 01226 286514
Fax:01226 731675
Email: Dodworth St John 

Doncaster Road Primary Mrs J Jenkins/Mrs A Barlow
Doncaster Road,
Barnsley S70 1TS
Tel: 01226 281943
Fax:01226 749164
Email: Doncaster Road (EH)
Email: Doncaster Road (H)
Elsecar Holy Trinity CE VA Primary Mr I Goddard (Executive Head)
Miss A Charity (Head)
Church Street, Elsecar,
Barnsley S74 8HS
Tel: 01226 743008
Fax:01226 740646
Email: Elsecar Holy Trinity
Gawber Primary Ms J Brown
Church Street, Gawber,
Barnsley S75 2RP
Tel: 01226 289728
Fax:01226 734028
Email: Gawber
Gooseacre Primary Academy Mrs K Godfrey
Gooseacre Avenue, Thurnscoe,
Rotherham S63 0NU
Tel: 01709 893569
Fax:01709 891394
Email: Gooseacre 
Greenfield Primary Mr A Ralph
Cherrytree Street, Hoyland,
Barnsley S74 9RG
Tel: 01226 743468
Fax:01226 742734
Email: Greenfield 
Heather Garth Primary Academy Ms A Wise
Billingley View,
Rotherham S63 8ES
Tel: 01709 894149
Fax:01709 881514
Email: Heather Garth
Highgate Primary Academy Mrs J Leishman
Nicholas Lane, Highgate, Goldthorpe,
Rotherham, S63 9AS
Tel: 01709 892160
Fax: 01709 888169
Email: Highgate
High View Primary Learning Centre Ms G Foster-Wilson (Executive Head)
Mrs J Hunt (Head of School)

Newsome Avenue, Wombwell,
Barnsley S73 8QS
Tel: 01226 273220
Fax:01226 273225
Email: High View
Holy Rood Catholic Primary Ms K Dobson
Shaw Street,
Barnsley S71 6JL
Tel: 01226 281219
Fax:01226 770351
Email: Holy Rood
Holy Trinity 3-16 Catholic and CE Mr S Barber
Mrs R Parkin (Primary Head)
Carlton Road,
Barnsley S71 2LF
Tel: 01226 704550
Fax:01226 286798
Email: Holy Trinity
Hoyland Common Primary Mr T Banham
Sheffield Road, Hoyland Common,
Barnsley S74 0DJ
Tel: 01226 369640
Fax:01226 741025
Email: Hoyland Common
Hoyland Springwood Primary Mrs K Clark
Cloughfields Road,
Hoyland, Barnsley S74 0ER
Tel: 01226 743815
Fax:01226 740650
Email: Hoyland Springwood
Hoylandswaine Primary Ms L Cole
Haigh Lane, Hoylandswaine,
Sheffield S36 7JJ
Tel: 01226 762027
Fax: 01226 762045
Email: Hoylandswaine
Hunningley Primary Mrs C Dean
Hunningley Lane, Stairfoot,
Barnsley S70 3DT
Tel: 01226 284867
Fax:01226 286429
Email: Hunningley
Joseph Locke Primary Mr M Jones
Shaw Street,
Barnsley S70 6JL
Tel: 01226 729910
Fax: 01226 779623
Email: Joseph Locke
Jump Primary Mrs K Falconer
Roebuck Hill, Jump,
Barnsley S74 0JW
Tel: 01226 743041
Fax:01226 740651
Email: Jump
Keresforth Primary Ms H Otley
Keresforth Road, Dodworth,
Barnsley  S75 3NU
Tel: 01226 284147
Fax:01226 734027
Email: Keresforth 
Kexborough Primary Miss J MacKay (Head)
Ballfield Lane, Kexbrough
Barnsley S75 5EF
Tel: 01226 382288
Fax:01226 390639
Email: Kexborough
Kings Oak Primary Learning Centre Ms A Wilks
Bondfield Close, Wombwell,
Barnsley S73 8TX 
Tel: 01226 272740
Fax: 341824
Email: Kings Oak
Lacewood Primary Mrs J Chalkley
Carr Head Lane,
Rotherham S63 8DA
Tel: 01709 887750
Email: Lacewood
Ladywood Primary Ms C Grainger
Nancy Road, Grimethorpe,
Barnsley S72 7JX
Tel: 01226 711488
Fax:01226 781677
Email: Ladywood
Laithes Primary Mrs J Hirst (Executive Head)
Ms S Barnet (Head)

Laithes Lane, Smithies
Barnsley S71 3AF
Tel: 01226 281255
Email: Laithes Primary
Littleworth Grange Primary Academy Mrs G Kilner
Littleworth Lane, Lundwood,
Barnsley S71 5RG
Tel: 01226 777530
Fax: 01226 777536
Email: Littleworth Grange
Mapplewell Primary Ms H Galvin
Greenside Avenue, Staincross,
Barnsley S75 6BB
Tel: 01226 381273
Fax:01226 381272
Email: Mapplewell
Meadstead Primary Academy Mrs N Smith (Interim Head)
Meadstead Drive, Royston,
Barnsley S71 4JS
Tel: 01226 722153
Fax: 01226 700499
Email: Meadstead
Milefield Primary Ms P Murray
Milefield Lane, Grimethorpe,
Barnsley S72 7BH
Tel: 01226 710329
Fax:01226 781823
Email: Milefield
Millhouse Primary Mrs K Gray
Lee Lane, Millhouse Green,
Sheffield S36 9LN
Tel: 01226 763019
Fax:01226 763019
Email: Millhouse
Oakhill Primary Ms T Thomson
Doncaster Road, Ardsley
Barnsley S71 5AG
Tel: 01226 284493
Fax:01226 785297
Email: Oakhill
Oxspring Primary Mrs S Irwin
Sheffield Road, Oxspring,
Sheffield S36 8YW
Tel: 01226 763020
Fax:01226 763020
Email: Oxspring
Parkside Primary Academy Mrs G Cawkwell (Head)
Mrs J Everett
(Principal of Academy Trust)
Midland Road, Royston,
Barnsley, S71 4QP
Tel: 01226 722416
Fax: 01226 726643
Email: Parkside
Penistone St John's CE VA Ms A Drinkhill
High Street, Penistone,
Sheffield S36 6BS
Tel: 01226 762491
Fax: 01226 766623
Email: Penistone St John's
Queens Road Academy Mr S Kaufman
Queens Road, Barnsley
S71 1AR
Tel: 01226 737010
Fax: 01226 779671
Email: Queens Road
Royston Saint John Baptist CE Primary Ms J Ryan
Vicarage Lane, Royston,
Barnsley S71 4QY
Tel: 01226 722011
Fax:01226 700839
Email: Royston St John
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary Mrs L Hoyle (Federation Head)
Mrs A Beedham (Head of School)

Lockwood Road, Goldthorpe,
Rotherham S63 9JY
Tel: 01709 892385
Fax:01709 888168
Email: Sacred Heart
Sandhill Primary Ms J Hirst (Executive Head)
Ms K Beech
Dearne Street, Great Houghton,
Barnsley S72 0EQ
Tel: 01226 345030
Fax:01226 754302
Email: Sandhill
Shafton Primary Academy Mrs J Charalambous
High Street, Shafton,
Barnsley S72 8QA
Tel: 01226 710386
Fax:01226 781770
Email: Shafton
Shawlands Primary Mr L McClure (Acting Head)
Shaw Street,
Barnsley S70 6JL
Tel: 01226 287177
Fax:01226 296365
Email: Shawlands 
Silkstone Common J & I Mr S Tabbner
Moorend Lane, Silkstone Common,
Barnsley S75 4QT
Tel: 01226 790471
Fax:01226 790471
Email: Silkstone Common
Silkstone Primary Mrs P Skilbeck
High Street, Silkstone,
Barnsley S75 4LR
Tel: 01226 790333
Fax:01226 791200
Email: Silkstone
Springvale Primary Mr A Platt
Sheffield Road, Penistone,
Sheffield S36 6HJ
Tel: 01226 760930
Fax:01226 760931
Email: Springvale
Summer Fields Primary Academy Mrs J Everett (Executive Principal)
Mrs D Strobridge (Head of School)
Haigh Croft, Summer Lane Royston,
Barnsley S71 4SF
Tel: 01226 722480
Fax:01226 701638
Email: Summer Fields
St Helen's Catholic Primary Ms L Hoyle (Executive Head)
West Street, Hoyland,
Barnsley S74 9DL
Tel: 01226 742172
Fax:01226 742172
Email: St Helen's Catholic
St Helen's Primary Academy Mrs M Foster
St Helens Way, Monk Bretton,
Barnsley S71 2PS
Tel: 01226 295210
Fax:01226 207256
Email: St Helen's
St Mary's CE VA Primary Mr L Spencer
Stocks Lane,
Barnsley S75 2DF
Tel: 01226 206422
Fax:01226 206490
Email: St Mary's CE 
St Michael and All Angels Catholic Primary Ms L Hoyle (Federation Head)
Mrs L Kitchen (Head of School)
Mrs J Holcroft (Head of School)
Stonyford Road, Wombwell,
Barnsley S73 8AF
Tel: 01226 752120
Fax:01226 341559
Email: St Michael and All Angels Catholic
Summer Lane Primary Mr R Smith
Summer Lane,
Barnsley S75 2BB
Tel: 01226 205363
Fax: 01226 294404
Email: Summer Lane
Tankersley St Peters CE Primary Mrs J Proctor-Blain
Westwood New Road, Tankersley,
Barnsley S75 3DA
Tel: 01226 742357
Fax: 01226 740438
Email: Tankersley St Peters
The Darfield Primary Academy Ms R McMahon
Snapehill Road, Darfield
Barnsley S73 9LT
Tel: 01226 753048
Fax: 01226 754709
Email: The Darfield
The Edmunds Lobwood, Worsbrough Bridge,
Barnsley S70 5EP
Tel: 01226 289096
Email: The Edmunds
The Ellis CE (VA) Primary Ms N Jenkinson
School Street, Hemingfield,
Barnsley S73 0PS
Tel: 01226 753383
Fax:01226 753612
Email: The Ellis
The Forest Academy Mrs S Bailey
Thornton Road, Kendray
Barnsley S70 3NG
Tel: 01226 284719
Fax:01226 734029
Email Forest Academy
The Hill Primary Academy Mrs N Marples
Tudor Street, Thurnscoe,
Rotherham S63 ODS
Tel: 01709 892145
Fax:01709 880811
Email: The Hill
The Mill Academy Mrs T Gulliver
Lobwood, Worsbrough Bridge, Barnsley S70 5EP
Tel: 289096
Fax: 241768
Email: The Mill 
Thurgoland CE Primary Ms S Brown
Halifax Road, Thurgoland,
Sheffield S35 7AL
Tel: 0114 2883300
Fax:0114 2888836
Email: Thurgoland CE
Thurlstone Primary Ms C Gibbins
Royd Moor Road, Thurlstone,
Sheffield S36 9RD
Tel: 01226 762018
Fax:01226 762071
Email: Thurlstone
Upperwood Primary Academy Mr A Budd
Dartree Walk, Darfield
Barnsley S73 9NL
Tel: 01226 754336
Fax: 01226 755027
Email: Upperwood
Ward Green Primary Ms M Binns
Vernon Road, Ward Green,
Barnsley S70 5HJ
Tel: 01226 286510
Fax:01226 730968
Email: Ward Green 
Wellgate Primary Ms C Egginton
George Street, Mapplewell,
Barnsley S75 6HR
Tel: 01226 383739
Fax:01226 381228
Email: Wellgate
West Meadows Primary Ms M Marsh
West Street, Hoyland,
Barnsley S74 9ET
Tel: 01226 749164
Fax:01226 740115
Email: West Meadows
Wilthorpe Primary School Mrs E Heppenstall (Acting Head)
Greenfoot Lane,
Barnsley S75 1EG
Tel: 01226 205364
Fax: 01226 247269
Email: Wilthorpe Primary 
Wombwell Park Street Primary Ms G Foster-Wilson (Executive Head)
Mrs C Lawson
Park Street, Wombwell,
Barnsley S73 0HS
Tel: 01226 752029
Fax:01226 758695
Email: Wombwell Park Street 
Worsbrough Bank End Primary Ms N Thorpe (Executive Head)
Ms D Barker (Head of School)
Underwood Avenue, Worsbrough,
Barnsley S70 4AZ
Tel: 01226 282549
Fax:01226 285892
Email: Worsbrough Bank End 
Worsbrough Common Primary Mrs L Dring
Bruce Avenue,
Worsbrough Common, Barnsley S70 4EB
Tel: 01226 289989
Email: Worsbrough Common