Governing body skills audit

A skills audit is a process for identifying governors’ skills, knowledge and experience (competencies) and comparing these against those required by the school.

Benefits of completing a skills audit

Completing an annual skills audit has a number of uses and benefits:

  • it enables the governing body to explore its skills and knowledge base as part of an overall assessment of its effectiveness
  • it helps the governing body to organise the membership of committees and the delegation of tasks to individual members
  • it helps the governing body to identify governors' training and development needs
  • it can help the governing body develop its succession planning policy and the future recruitment of governors 
  • it's a mechanism to ensure that the governing body's skills and expertise are matched to the needs of the school…and to improve outcomes for pupils 
  • tt can also help individual governors become more aware of their skills.

Tools to support your governing body skills audit

These are the documents you need to undertake your skills audit:

Conducting the skills audit

The process requires one governing body member, who fully understands how the audit tool works, to be the ‘administrator’. They should collate the data from each governor's individual survey sheet and input  this into the governing body admin analysis sheet.

The governing body admin analysis sheet contains several tabs which, once populated, provide an overview of the governing body's key strengths and areas for development. As well as supporting effective governance, this will also support the new Ofsted framework and recent subsidiary Ofsted guidance to inspectors on governance.

Where governors use the Word version for their individual skills audit, someone from the governing body would need to co-ordinate and examine the responses.