Schools Forum Members' protocol

Members of the Schools Forum work together to a set of agreed principles, which form the membership protocol.

As set out in the protocol, members of the Schools Forum will:

  • act in the best interests of learners and schools in Barnsley
  • not misuse their position as Forum members for personal advantage or benefit for themselves or any other person
  • not allow themselves to be influenced by individuals or organisations other than those whom they represent when performing their duties as Forum members
  • always behave towards each other with consideration and courtesy
  • speak freely in meetings but lawfully and without malice towards others
  • be as open as possible about their decisions and about action which is taken. The Forum should carefully explain the reasons for their decisions and restrict information only when this is clearly the right thing to do
  • respect the confidentiality of those items of business which the Forum decides, from time to time, should remain confidential
  • declare openly and immediately any interests in matters to be discussed by the Forum or any of its working groups and to take any necessary steps to resolve any conflicts which may arise
  • work cooperatively with other members of the Forum in the best interests of all learners and schools in Barnsley
  • acknowledge that differences of opinion may arise in discussions of issues but support majority decisions of the Forum
  • not make statements or express opinions on behalf of the Forum as an individual member, unless specifically authorised by the Forum to do so.