Newly qualified teachers

When newly qualified teachers (NQTs) start their teaching career in Barnsley, we make sure they're fully supported through a strong induction.

To become a fully qualified teacher in England, you must, by law, have satisfactorily completed a period of induction.

The induction process has to be quality assured by an 'appropriate body', which in Barnsley is the council. We act as the 'appropriate body' for all the borough's maintained schools. We're also willing to work with non-maintained schools and colleges within or outside South Yorkshire.

As 'appropriate body', we have a number of statutory functions that we have to fulfil related to the induction process for NQTs, which include making sure heads and governing bodies are doing what they should be and that the NQT's progress is being monitored properly.

If you want to see the full list of statutory functions, they're in Section 5 (paragraphs 5.7 to 5.10) of Induction for NQTs (England).

Before you employ an NQT

  • You must make sure that they have qualified teacher status (QTS)
  • You must make sure that the post is suitable for induction
  • You must provide us a named mentor contact

Once you've employed an NQT

Registering your NQT

  • You must register the new NQT with us straight away - this is a legislative requirement of the National College of Teaching and Leadership - any delay to the registration may result in the NQT having to undertake a longer induction period
  • You cannot register an NQT retrospectively.

Assessing your NQT's performance

  • You should complete termly assessments of your NQT's performance.
  • Please send completed assessments back to us on a termly basis (for full time NQTs).  
  • If your NQT leaves the school before completing the induction period, you must complete an interim assessment to make sure that the induction can be continued effectively in any subsequent post. 

NQT documents for use during induction