Voice and Influence Framework of Standards

The Framework of Standards is a toolkit that enables service providers to work in partnership with service users to assess how effectively they involve children, young people, and their parents or carers in planning, delivering and evaluating services. (Please note that this is a large file and may take a few minutes to download) 

The standards provide a benchmark against which services can measure the extent to which they involve children, young people and families in the design and delivery of services provided for them.

What we mean by 'voice and influence'

The 'voice' in 'voice and influence' relates to the inclusion of children and young people - as the service users - in the planning, delivery and review of all aspects of the service.  The 'influence' acknowledges the importance of their views and opinions in influencing change.

Currently, there are six standards, which cover all aspects of 'voice and influence' in services across Barnsley:

  • attitudes
  • access
  • information
  • skills
  • resources
  • leadership

The standards have been adopted by a number of services, such as family centres, schools, youth centres, and family group conferencing, with well over 100 organisations now directly engaged in or working with the toolkit.