Parenting orders

Courts can issue parenting orders to parents to help them keep their child out of trouble.

The court normally issues a Parenting Order on our recommendation.  We only recommend a Parenting Order where parents have not taken up offers of support and we are concerned about your child and how well they are doing.

If your child repeatedly gets into trouble with the police, is convicted of an offence, or doesn't attend school regularly, the court can hold you responsible. 

What happens if you're given a parenting order

If you receive a Parenting Order from the court, you will need to attend appointments with a worker for a period specified in court.

The parenting worker will ask you about your life and work with you to identify what you would like to change. They will ask you about your children and what you would like to see change in their lives. With the parenting worker you’ll agree a plan to achieve the objectives you have identified.

We might help you with

  • parenting skills
  • managing your child’s behaviour
  • responding effectively to challenging adolescent demands
  • making sure your child is home during set hours
  • making sure your child attends school regularly

We will also support you in finding support with other problems that you may be encountering.

The court can add other conditions to the order, which last for up to 12 months, to make sure that your child goes to school, for example. 

What happens if you breach a parenting order

If you breach or fail to comply with a Parenting Order we will liaise with the Police and arrange for you to be put before the court. The court may impose a number of penalties including fines, community orders or absolute or conditional discharges.

Getting a Parenting Order doesn’t mean that you get a criminal record, but you can be taken to court if you don’t comply with the order, and can be fined or given a community penalty, which is a sentence that's served in the community. 

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