Support for young offenders attending court

We provide support for young people, aged 10 to 17, and their families, who are going before the court.

If a young person is required to appear in court, our staff will support you through the process by:

  • being at all youth court hearings
  • providing information about the proceedings
  • offering advice and support to the young person and their parents/carers
  • offering advice to the magistrate and recommending an appropriate sentence
  • supporting the young person if they receive a custodial sentence and assessing their vulnerability, particularly the risk of self-harm
  • collecting and processing information about the court results

At least one of your parents/carers must attend court.

Bail and remand support service

The youth court will try to deal with court cases as soon as possible but if, for some reason, the magistrate is not able to deal with the case right away you may be put on bail (with or without conditions).  If the magistrates are worried that you may commit further offences while on bail, they may ask for a support programme to be provided.

We can offer support to you while you are on bail. Taking into account your circumstances, we help the magistrates to decide if you should be put on bail or remanded in custody. 

If you are remanded to Youth Detention Accommodation, you will go to a secure home or young offender institute.  We will help and support you while you are on bail or remand, to keep you out of trouble and make sure you attend your court case.    

Where to find us

Youth Offending Team, 18 Regent Street, Barnsley, S70 2HG
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm