Support for young people in, and after they leave, custody

If you receive a custodial sentence we will support you and help you and your family.  While you are in custody we will meet with you and work to plan for your release.

You will be sent to a variety of different custodial placements depending on your age and on other factors.  You could be sent to

  • a Young Offenders Institute
  • a secure training centre or
  • a secure children’s home

In every setting you will be expected to attend school and complete your education.  We will monitor your progress.

Your family are able to have contact with you. Sometimes young people can be placed some distance away and support is available to help your family visit you.

Youth Justice Practitioners, together with staff from the secure estate are key to making sure that:

  • you are supported through the changes you need to make
  • you get the help you need
  • effective risk management strategies are put in place
  • regular contact is maintained with you while you’re in custody
  • contact with your family is facilitated
  • there is continuity of provision from custody to going back into the community
  • there is a clear plan of action to address the key risk factors associated with the your offending
  • ongoing support is provided that meets your identified needs

When you are released you will be released on ‘licence’.  Your licence will have a number of conditions about what you have to do and may stop you going to certain places, speaking to certain people or restrict what you can do in other ways.

If you don’t meet the licence conditions, you may be taken back into custody. 

Where to find us

Youth Offending Team, 18 Regent Street, Barnsley, S70 2HG
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm