Youth rehabilitation orders

The Youth Court will impose a Youth Rehabilitation Order (YRO) if they feel a referral order or prison sentence isn't appropriate.

Magistrates believe that supervision in the community, supported your parents or carers, is the best option for you. Often, the alternative would be a custodial sentence.

Before imposing a YRO, the court will often consider a pre-sentence report about you. This is prepared by the Youth Justice Service. 

A YRO can last from three months up to three years. The court will decide how long it will be.

Conditions imposed by a YRO

YROs place a number of requirements on you, which you must fulfil. The most frequently applied requirements are:

  • supervision – you have to report to and engage in work with a Youth Justice Practitioner.
  • curfew – you're must stay in your home between set hours (for example 9pm to 7am). You're monitored by a tag (an electronic monitoring device).

These requirements are intended to encourage you:

  • to think about your behaviour
  • to repair the harm that your offending has caused
  • to deal with any problems or difficulties you might be facing
  • to access relevant support services

Other requirements, such as mental health or drug treatment, can be imposed, but only after a thorough assessment.

We will expect you to complete some reparation work.  We will also work with you to make sure you go to school.

While on the order, you must:

  • keep out of trouble with the police
  • work with your Youth Justice Practitioner
  • attend other groups or activities, if required
  • keep appointments (including visits to your home) and work to complete your order
  • arrive on time for your appointments
  • tell us at once if you change their address.

If you don't comply with your order, you can be returned to court and given a new sentence.

Where to find us

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