Data protection

The Data Protection Act in relation to personal information

How to request personal information

The Data Protection Act 1998 was passed to control the way information is handled and to give legal rights to people who have information stored about them.  Barnsley Council sometimes needs to gather and process information about individuals.  Only information necessary to provide a service, obey the law, or to carry out policy is collected.  We aim to operate to the highest legal, fair and secure standards in processing your information and these principles are set out in the Privacy statements.

As an individual you have a right to know what information we hold about you.  To make a Subject Access request please download, complete and return the council's Subject Request Application Form. If you are acting on behalf of another person you must show that you have authority to do so, for example, by providing a letter of authority from the individual whose details are being requested or by completing the Representative Authorisation Form.

When we receive your request we will

  • acknowledge receipt of it within 5 days
  • either confirm it is a valid request or ask you for further information
  • provide you with details of the search within 40 days of us receiving the valid request

If you need any advice or assistance in completing and submitting a request please contact Information Governance Team on 01226 787743 or email

What to do if your request is turned down

There may be some situations when we are allowed to withhold information, for example, if it is about the prevention or investigation of crime.  We do not have to say why we are withholding information.

If we do not provide the information you requested, or you think your data has been mis-used you should ask for a review of the decision by contacting us at:
Barnsley MBC
Information Governance
PO Box 634
S70 9GG

Following this if you are still not satisfied you can contact the Information Commissioners Office at:
Customer Services Team, Information Commissioner's Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

Barnsley Council has Information Security and Acceptable Usage policies and protocols for it's workforce, schools and trusted third parties:

Useful information

The link to the application form above covers information requested under Data Protection, Freedom of Information and Environmental Regulations.  For a request relating only to CCTV images please use the Application for Information (CCTV Images) form.

You may find some more useful information in the following locations:

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