Litter enforcement

Officers will respond to complaints about littering, and where possible take action against those responsible, and try to prevent problems from recurring.

People Removing Litter

Litter removal cost the UK £413 million last year. Litter can harm wildlife, people and the environment, and can discourage investment in an area. A third of all fires attended by the fire service are related to litter and rubbish.

Officers will respond to complaints about littering, and where possible take action against those responsible, and try to prevent problems from recurring.

We are taking more direct enforcement action against those who spoil our environment, including proactive use of fixed penalty fines, and placing evidence before the court. Officers will also undertake proactive patrolling to identify those responsible.

The council is providing more litter bins and is continuing to develop high performance street cleaning. We also organise clean-up campaigns with community groups. We are working with other council services and outside agencies to deal with an even wider range of environmental problems.

We are working with schools, and have an ongoing programme of education to make our children aware of their responsibilities and the laws regarding litter and environmental protection. We have been recognised by DEFRA for our use of restorative justice, by pioneering the use of supervised litter picks in place of fixed penalties for young people.

If you wish to report rubbish accumulation, you can do so using our online form:


Adult offenders can be issued with a fixed penalty notice and fined £75, or prosecuted if they are abusive or give false details to our officers when they are approached. Failure to pay a fixed penalty fine can result in a prosecution and fine if found guilty of up to £2500. Juveniles are usually offered the opportunity to attend a supervised litter pick, however they can also be issued with a fixed penalty and could be referred to youth court if they do not comply.

You can pay by debit or credit card.

How you can help

Always use a litter-bin, and encourage your children to follow the litter code - use a bin, and if there isn't one nearby, keep hold of your litter until you find one.

If you are complaining about litter that you want clearing from council land, contact Neighbourhood Pride on 01226 775656.

If the issue is one that would benefit from more proactive work to reduce the litter problems in the first place, contact Community Safety & Enforcement Service, providing as much detail as possible about the location of the litter, where it is coming from, and who are the main culprits, as well as your details.


  • Litter and the Law,

available from:

Keep Britain Tidy,
Communications Dept,
Elizabeth House,
The Pier,
WN3 4EX.

01942 824620


Response times/next steps

We aim to respond to all complaints within five days of their receipt. Action can include patrols, improved publicity in the area, informal letters or formal action. A statement may be requested to support any evidence.

Contact Details

Community Safety and Enforcement Service
Barnsley Council
PO Box 634
S70 9GG

Telephone : 01226 772468
Email :

Additional Notes

Useful Contacts

The Environment Agency
Tel: 08708 506506

Fly Tipping Hot Line
The Environment Agency
Tel: 0800 80 70 60

To report streets, verges and parks etc that need sweeping or cleaning:

The Council's Neighbourhood Pride Team
Tel: 01226 770770 Email:

Domestic bulky items collection service, information about household waste recycling centres

The Council's Waste Management Service (Link
Tel: 01226 772045

Collection of Abandoned Needles

Tel: 01226 772468 Email :

 Help With Drug Use and Related Matters

The Barnsley Drug Action Team

Barnsley Alcohol & Drug Advice Service
Tel: 01226 779066

The Barn (under 18s)
Tel: 01226 280532

National Guidance and Advice on Littering etc

Keep Britain Tidy
Telephone : 01942 612621

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be fined for dropping litter?

Yes, if litter or rubbish is left or dropped in a public place or highway, a fixed penalty fine or prosecution will result.

What about children?

Yes. The Youth Council agrees with the issuing of fixed penalty fines to secondary school pupils. The council does issue fixed penalty fines to children aged 11 and above, which can be paid by instalments. Alternatively, they can agree to undertake a two hour litter pick instead of paying the fixed penalty.

There is lots of litter from people using a nearby shop? Are they responsible for sorting it?

Yes, in certain cases, some businesses can be made responsible for litter arising from their business on the highway, and required to clear it and take steps to control the problem.

I need a litter bin!

Contact Neighbourhood Pride on 01226 775656.

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