Barnsley Public Health Strategy

Our public health strategy for 2018–21 demonstrates our commitment to work with partners to actively improve the health and wellbeing of residents, and provides an opportunity to reflect on how we've worked collectively across the borough to reduce inequalities.

The priorities included in the previous public health strategy (2016-18) – tobacco control, physical activity and oral health – have been reviewed. Each of these areas all have well established programmes in place, with a number of significant results achieved over the past three years. This work will continue as ‘business as usual’ for public health in Barnsley.

The refreshed public health strategy includes three new priorities: food, alcohol and emotional resilience. Each priority will have a comprehensive action plan developed in consultation with partners and other stakeholders.

You can read the Public Health Strategy 2018-21 here.

Food plan

Food is one of the three public health priorities in our 2018-21 strategy. The cost of obesity and its related diseases are so great that it's equivalent to smoking, and therefore needs similar action.

Historically we've focused on weight management and individual behaviour change. However, we're proposing to take the same approach as we have for tobacco and alcohol, which means looking at the affordability, availability and acceptability of the food we buy and eat.

To deliver this priority we've developed a Food Action Plan. The plan is our response to the increasing levels of obesity and proposes how we can all contribute locally to improving health outcomes. It address the inequalities related to healthy weight and associated chronic illnesses. The food plan seeks to go beyond traditional interventions and will address food access, food quality and the local supply chain to make sure we achieve our ambition of 'accessible quality food for all'.

Healthy lunchbox toolkit

Stuck for healthy ideas for your children’s lunch box? Want to keep little tummies full for longer? We've designed a packed lunch toolkit which provides top tips to make your child a tasty packed lunch.

For inspiration, download and stick the poster on your fridge.