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About the good food box

Our good food boxes were available over the Easter and spring half term holidays. They contain ingredients to make delicious and healthy meals for your child’s lunchtime meal over the school holidays. They're funded by the Department for Education.

They contain high quality fruit and vegetables, bread, cereals and potatoes to help you create nutritious lunches. The food meets the school food standards, ensuring your child has a healthy and balanced diet.

As well as the standard ingredients box, we also provided gluten free, dairy free/vegan, and vegetarian boxes. You can see an example below of the ingredients in each of the boxes.

The boxes also contained an activity pack which includes lots of healthy activities for you and your child to enjoy over the school holidays.

See inside the good food box

There are four different boxes: standard, gluten free, dairy free/vegan, and vegetarian.

You can see examples of the ingredients included in each box below.

Standard box

Standard good food box

Gluten free box

Gluten free good food box

Dairy free/vegan box

Dairy free good food box

Vegetarian box

Vegetarian good food box

How the good food box supported families over the Easter holidays

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