A day in the life of...

Hello, I'm Julia Burrows the Director of Public Health in Barnsley.

The past eight months have had an enormous impact on us all, how we live, how we work, how we travel, and most of all, how we feel. Myself, the team I work with and our wider partners would like to get a better understanding of how it has affected you, your family and your friends.

We’re all experiencing and coping with the effects of COVID-19 differently, which may be having a toll on our physical and mental health. The pandemic will continue to affect us in many ways, and we’ve all had to find a new ‘normal’ in our everyday lives which has presented significant challenges. I would really like to know more about what those challenges are by asking you to complete a survey. 

We are accepting submissions until Friday 20 November, so there’s plenty of time for you to tell us how you’re feeling and how we can help you moving forward in planning for a brighter future.

If you don’t wish to complete the survey online, you can write on a blank piece of paper and send it to the freepost address: Freepost BMBC PUBLIC HEALTH.

Take part in the survey 

In 2017, we captured a snapshot in time to illustrate the health and wellbeing of Barnsley’s residents. Through the completion of a short diary, you told us about your physical and mental health and what might have made it better or worse. The response we received was overwhelming and informed how our approach to promoting good health might need to change, from the decisions we make to the services we provide. Since then, we have put lots of things in place, with updates on these to follow.

It is difficult to predict what the full, long-term impact of COVID-19 will be. Some people will cope well and get back on their feet quickly, but others might not.

However, during the past several months, what we have seen is countless amazing examples of people and communities pulling together. It’s something that Barnsley is known for, and my goodness have people shown that! This community spirit will be a driving force behind moving Barnsley forward from COVID-19.

As I did in 2017, I am asking everyone who wants to take part, to tell me about their physical and mental health by completing the diary sheet below. What you choose to share with us will be used in our COVID-19 recovery plans, and I promise you complete anonymity. I do hope you can help.

As in 2017, ‘A day in the life of: our new normal’ will add to building our legacy of what it is like to live, work and study in Barnsley and could form an important part of our social history.

How to protect your community

After such a long time, it’s easy for us to become complacent, and I know many of us are desperate to get back to our daily routines. The key thing you can do to help protect your community is to follow the government’s guidance:

  • stay at home as much as possible.
  • work from home if you can.
  • keep your distance and stay apart - follow government guidelines.
  • wash your hands regularly.
  • wear a face-covering in indoor spaces outside the house or more crowded places.
  • limit contact with other people.
  • do not leave home if you or anyone in your household has symptoms and get a test to see if you have the virus.

I know it hasn’t been easy to change how we live, but the hard work that people in Barnsley have done in recent months to protect themselves and their friends, families and communities has made a huge difference.

You can take a look at the full government guidance and find out what restrictions are currently in place in Barnsley.